Monday, August 23, 2010

Outstanding Student Eamonn Murphy featured on Wentworth website

Twenty-nine union carpenters graduated from the Arioch Center at Wentworth Institute of Technology with and Associate's Degree in Building Construction Management (read more here).

Graduate Eamonn Murphy, a twelve-year member of Local 33, was recognized as the Outstanding Associate Degree Student for the 2009-2010 academic year.

"I am extremely honored to be recognized as the Outstanding Student," said Murphy. "As I look back, however, I realize that my fellow students are all outstanding students. We encouraged each other and worked together collaboratively in accomplishing this goal."

Murphy first joined the Carpenters Union as an apprentice in 1998. When the opportunity arose to enroll in the Construction Management program at Wentworth, Murphy was enthusiastic about being able to continue his training and further advance his career.

"Obtaining a Construction Management degree from Wentworth was the logical choice in expanding my knowledge of the construction industry, and the program certainly provided that for me."

Murphy, along with many of his classmates that just received their Associate's Degree will be continuing on in to the Bachelor's Degree program.

Wentworth ran a student profile of Brother Murphy on their website.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Carpenters Graduate from Wentworth Institute of Technology

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters (NERCC) is proud to recognize and congratulate the 29 union carpenters who graduate this Sunday with and Associate's Degree in Building Construction Management from the Arioch Center at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

This is the first class to graduate since the NERCC launched this special program with Wentworth in the fall of 2008. The tailored program enables union carpenters to earn an Associate’s degree in Construction management from the prestigious school in as little as two years. The program gives members credit for completing a four-year apprenticeship in Massachusetts and could also give credit for other qualified classes members have taken.

Members also receive reduced tuition rates and may be eligible for financial aid, as they are full-fledged students of Wentworth. In January 2011 the program will be expanded, giving members the opportunity to earn their Bachelor’s Degree.

The program includes classes that provide technical knowledge, such as physics, construction graphics, construction law, and economics as well as those that teach the critical skills needed in a more professional environment, such as writing composition; leadership and management; and introduction to computers. Classes are held both on campus at Wentworth and at the Carpenters Center (as seen below).

The program offers tremendous opportunity for members and will put some of the practical on-the-job experience back into construction management. This is a true testament to the dedication of the Carpenters Union to lifelong training, improving the lives of working carpenters and the entire industry.

Congratulations to the graduates!

Sean Abraham, Local 275
David Aldrich, Local 40
Jonathan Aprile, Local 33
Krzysztof Barcikowski, Local 67
Duane Bastarache, Local 107
Michael Biasella, Local 40
Brian Burrill, Local 218
Joseph Byrne, Local 33
Michael Cormier, Local 275
*Nicholas Cuzzupe, Local 33
Anthony Harrington, Local 107
Patrick Hartigan, Local 111
Kimberly Hokanson, Local 275
Thomas Holt, Local 107
Zachary Jonsson, Local 1305
Scott Knowlton, Local 218
David Kulikowski, Local 67
Aaron Lacombe, Local 1305
Daniel Lovendale, Local 424
William Lynch, Local 67
John McGillicuddy, Local 33
Steven Monteiro, Local 26
**Eamonn Murphy, Local 33
Colin Murphy, Local 33
Shakil Oba, Local 40
Kevin Reynolds, Local 33
Michael Ryan, Local 67
Nathan Silvaggio, Local 94
Andrew Wall, Local 107

*Alumni Award recipient – recognizing students who achieve the highest grade point average in the program. Brother Cuzzupe finished with a 4.0 GPA

**Arioch Center Outstanding Associate Degree Student Award winner for the 2009-2010 academic year

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mass invests in carpenter training

The Boston Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Program will receive a $166,000 award from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, one of eight programs to receive money for workforce training, Governor Deval Patrick’s office announced today.

Governor Patrick, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Joanne Goldstein and other state officials awarded a total of $1.2 million in Federal stimulus money to support “efforts to equip Massachusetts workers with 21st century economy skills.”

The money awarded to the Boston program, based at the Carpenters Center in Dorchester, will fund drywall training and certification for long-term unemployed carpenters.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

McCarron visits the Carpenters Center

UBC General President Douglas McCarron was in Boston today with General Secretary-Treasurer Andy Silins and ITC Director Bill Irwin to meet with AGC member contractors from throughout New England. McCarron and Operating Engineers General President Vincent Giblin have been regularly meeting with AGC members around the country to talk about the National Construction Alliance.

While he was here, we got a chance to ask the General President a few questions about the NCA, the UBC and the future of the construction industry.