Friday, March 13, 2009

Demo nearly complete, building to begin

Crews are finishing up demo and debris removal at the site this week.

Steel beams are loaded onto truck.

This week crews worked in the area that will be the future location of the welding training area. Debris needed to be cleared from this spot. Notice the drop from the foundation to the dirt below. With the area cleared out, it will be ready for concrete to be poured to level the foundation.

In the coming week, the site will be prepped for construction to begin. The Building Permit is being issued and a work order has been put in to the gas company to cut and cap gas lines.

The carpenter steward will soon arrive on site to implement safety measures, which include installing guard rails around the perimeter of the building and installing rails and temporary covers for floor openings. The openings cut into the foundation allow access to the electrical and plumbing throughout the building.

Here’s a look at the building before construction began:

This is a view of the building on March 12th:

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