Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mock-up panels ready for BRA

Carpenters working for Sunrise Erectors completed the mock-up on site, which offers a visual display of look and color of the Carpenters Center upon completion.

The mock-up is a requirement of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). The BRA has authority over all new building development in the city, part of what they do is ensure that designs chosen for new construction fit in with the existing neighborhood’s character. On this site, the BRA is particularly concerned with the colors and their effect on the neighborhood.

The responsibilities of the BRA include, among other things: reviewing proposed development projects; making recommendations on major construction and redevelopment activity to the city’s Zoning Commission; and drafting master plans that address the city's needs for infrastructure, downtown and community economic development, and that include design guidelines and development controls. For more information, visit the BRA's website.

Carpenters working for Sunrise Erectors finished the mock-ups with the installation of windows and Alucobond Panels that will cover the exterior of the building. The mock-up panels consist of six colors, 4 color panels and 2 reveal colors (charcoal and bronze in this picture) and a section of cedar siding (running along the bottom).

The building design as visible from Dorchester Ave.

The building design as visible from I-93/the Southeast Expressway.

The mock-up up will be reviewed by the BRA and will remain on site for the duration of the project.

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