Friday, May 28, 2010

Flag raising at the Carpenters Center

Eleven members of the UBC who are also military veterans gathered at the Carpenters Center this morning to raise a new flag and remember those who have given their lives to serve our country. The flag was flown over the US Capitol and was raised in observance of this weekend's Memorial Day holiday.

Joining NERCC Executive-Secretary Treasurer Mark Erlich were: Shayne Cossette (LU 67), Martin Higgins(LU 67), Steve Tewksbury (LU 67), Justin Blackman (LU 40), Stephen Smith (LU 67), Corey Rinalda (LU 33)Dave Robicheau (LU 40), William Murray (LU 33), Patrick Cummings LU 67), Doug Wilkins (LU 33), and Patrick McBrine (LU 33).

Erlich presented the flag to Cossette and Higgings, who attached the flag and raised it in front of the building.

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