Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Look Inside - The History Wall

There are various touches throughout the facility that not only highlight carpenters work but add character to the building. One such feature is the History Wall located on the second floor.

Fourteen sepia-toned photographic images, mounted on ¾” Plexiglas, hang on the walls starting at the second floor lobby and running down the hall in to the open area at the communicating stair that connects the first and second floors.

Twelve of the images are mounted on 3’x6’ panels and two images, which mark the beginning of the History Wall in the lobby, stretch across six 3’x6’ panels.

A memorial to the trade and its workers, the images date back to 1881 and run through present day, including three shots taken during the construction of the Carpenters Center.

The History Wall celebrates the membership of the Carpenters Union and the evolution of the craft through the years.

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