Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This week at the Carpenters Center

This week at the Carpenters Center, members are participating in a training class to help them contain pathogens, protect patients and perform work within active health care facilities without disrupting operations. "Best Practices in Health-Care Construction in Occupied Facilities" is a program developed by the UBC in conjunction with noted infection experts to develop carpenter skills and awareness that benefit both contractors and the facilities in which they work.

You can learn more about the program's development here. An introductory video about the program can be viewed here.

The first session for carpenters was held about a year ago in Connecticut. Since then, training sessions have been held for apprentices and journey level carpenters in different areas of New England.

Look for the program to expand and gain acceptance among safety-minded facilities who are looking to reduce risk to their patients.

Pictured: Carpenters work on creating safe work environments in active health care facilities, for example, creating a properly contained space to replace a soiled ceiling tile.

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