Friday, February 6, 2009

Abatement - Windows

Abatement began on approximately 6,000 square feet of windows at the existing building. The single-glazed windows are being removed and prepared for proper disposal.

The asbestos may be located in the glazing compound where the window glass meets the steel edge, as well as where the windows attach to the concrete block. Each window is not individually tested for the presence of asbestos. However, because one or a section of windows were found to be 'hot' each window of similar make-up will go through the abatement process.

First, the windows are removed from the masonry opening (pictured above). As the windows are removed, they are broken down into sections. The glass is taken out of the metal frame, which is cut in half (pictured below), and it is all bagged and sent to the asbestos waste landfill.

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