Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sign Mock-Up on Display

On Monday, representatives from the Carpenters Union, ADD Inc., and Sensory Interactive were on hand for a product demonstration of the transparent LED display that will be a part of the new Carpenters Center.

Seen below in the rendering of the new building, the sign will be located on the Expressway side of the building, visible from traffic traveling Northbound on I-93. The displays that were on hand Monday were mock-up sizes of the actual sign, which will measure approximately 32 feet high by 22 feet wide.

The display is transparent, meaning that from the inside of the building you will be able to see through the display to the Expressway, even when the sign is turned on and displaying a still image. The sign is made up of rows of LED lights, allowing this visibility from the inside of the building out.

The mock ups were lifted into the air by a crane, which allowed onlookers to get an idea of the brightness, viewing angles, and viewing distance of the LED Display in both daylight and at night.

A view of the mock up in daylight.

A view at dusk.

The Carpenters Union is working with Sensory Interactive to finalize the details of design and final approvals.

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