Friday, May 29, 2009

Formwork at Parking Garage

Crews working with A.A. Will Corp and S&F Concrete began work on the parking garage this week.

An engineer for A.A. Will Corp. prepares this area for work, marking the ground with yellow spray paint.

In the background, the S&F Concrete Foremen is standing in the previously excavated trench laying out forms for the back wall of the parking deck.

The sections marked in yellow are then excavated. The area is dug out down to the blue clay and crews pour one foot of ¾ inch crushed stone on top. Next, carpenters working for S&F Concrete layout the forms for the footings.

Pictured below are reinforcing dowels projecting out of a footing that will be the structural stand of the columns supporting the parking deck. These dowels penetrate the footing 22 inches, with a 90-degree bend at the bottom, and stand approximately 5-feet out of the footing. The dowels are necessary to reinforce the concrete of the column to withstand things such as earthquakes and car impacts.

Around the dowels are additional reinforcing dowels (seen below) for the structural concrete columns, put in place after the concrete footing has been placed. This connection of five feet gives strength to the columns to withstand side impacts. The hook bars at the top are designed to be the connection between the second floor of the parking deck and the column.

Concrete forms will be set around the reinforcing rods and concrete will be poured inside the forms to create the column.

The footing and column work will continue into next week, grading for the lower level of the garage will follow.

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