Friday, May 1, 2009

Piledrivers Arrive on Site

Piledrivers, working for A.A. Will Corporation were on site this week drilling and installing the soldier beams, which will be used for soil retention along the property line. The piledriving rig can be seen in this shot, it is drilling into the ground for the placement of the soldier beams.

Crews working for AA Will also graded the area at the loading dock on the North end of the building. The machine pictured here, called a Gradall, is leveling the area in preparation for the retaining wall, which will support the poured in place concrete loading dock.

Ironworkers from Capco Steel installed beams to support of the second floor in preparation to cut the concrete for the new stairwells.

Crews working for Pro-Cut can be seen here cutting through the concrete at the site of the interior stairwell that will connect the Boston Carpenters Training Center shops located on the first floor to the classrooms and offices on the second floor.

Here, a Broq breaks up the concrete, once it is cut, so that it can be lowered onto the first floor and removed from the building for disposal.

Coming up next week: Erection of steel structure for the second and third floors will begin. In the following twenty-eight days the structure of these floors and roof will be erected.

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