Friday, October 2, 2009

The Exterior of the Carpenters Center

From Suzanne O’Leary, Assistant Project Manager, Sunrise Erectors:
The Carpenters Center exterior is comprised of metal panel rainscreen, cedar tongue and groove rainscreen, curtain wall and storefront systems.

Alucobond panels are the primary material in the metal panel rainscreen, which we receive in the form of flat stock. The rainscreen acts as a second shell to the building, protecting the first layer from weathering and heavy moisture. Any moisture that does penetrate the rainscreen is allowed to dry out through various vents.

Sunrise Erectors fabricates each panel and piece of furring from flat material in their shop in Canton, MA before assembling and installing it. The panel colors were meticulously formulated and have a substantial amount of metallic fleck, adding to the range of each color as go past the building, similar to car paint.

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