Monday, October 12, 2009

LED Display Installed

At the end of last week the LED display was installed at the Carpenters Center.

Crews unload a section of the LED display.

The sign is 32’H x 21’W and arrived on site in 5 separate sections. The display is made up of horizontally-oriented LED sticks, seen below in a close-up photo.

The sign has superior brightness, contrast, and image quality, while allowing for greater than 50% transparency and supporting an average of 40mm resolution. Technology evaluations provided the necessary image quality at viewing distances of 150’, or equal to the distance that passing cars will be viewing the display from the highway.

Although it is 50% transparent, it is capable of displaying a 400 x 600 pixel image. The display can handle millions of colors.

The display will be the highest-resolution transparent LED display in the world and will be seen by over 280,000 viewers per day. There are only one or two transparent LED installations in the US which are approximately half the resolution of this display and 1/3 the potential brightness - making this sign clearly visible in the middle of the day.

The Carpenters Center display will meet all Federal Highway mandates including the minimum length of time an image must be displayed, known as the digital billboard’s “hold time.” The industry’s average digital displays hold time is 8 seconds.

Federal Highway Administration regulates digital display’s brightness by mandating that all digital displays be adjusted to compliment ambient light levels. This display’s brightness levels will be scheduled by a content delivery system that is able to adjust the brightness of the display to match the ambient light levels. This will ensure that the display’s brightness is appropriate to the time of day and seasonal light levels.

Information provided by Sensory Interactive.

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