Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Facts about the Exterior

  • There is over 27,000 square feet of insulation and membrane on the building.
  • There are 866 metal panels total, and their typical dimensions are roughly 2’ x 15’.
  • The largest panel sits at the top corner of the sloped wall near the highway: in addition to the face of the panel, it spans 45 inches over the parapet.
  • Most corner panels need their own box truck to arrive on the site without incurring any damage.
  • The paint colors for Carpenters Center metal panels took months to refine to achieve the level of gloss and shine that we see on the building today.
  • Some vertical members of the entry pavilion curtain wall weigh upwards of 700 lbs each.
  • The largest pieces of glass weight over 200 lbs each.

Information provided by Sunrise Erectors.

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