Thursday, July 2, 2009

Concrete Pour at Parking Deck Scheduled

As mentioned in previous posts, the parking garage at the Carpenters Center is a poured in place concrete deck. Given the design of the building and the topography of the land up to Dorchester Ave, the garage slab elevation needed to be at 20.5 feet above sea level. This elevation gave the proper slope for the ramp.

A structural steel structure was not an option. If steel were used in the garage design there wouldn’t be enough height clearance for vehicles. The poured in place system, on the other hand, uses a temporary peri-form system (seen below), which allows for the steel required to carry the slab to be placed within the slab itself. Aside from the design benefits, the peri-system is aluminum and ergonomic, requiring less time to install and is easier to put in place. 4-6 man crew can lay 2,000 square feet in a day.

The peri-system was built up to the sides of the concrete column. The reinforcing bar (rebar) is put in place on top of the system and connected to the hook bars in the columns.

Concrete is then poured (scheduled for early next week, weather permitting) in place and the peri system is left in place for a full seven days while the concrete cures.

At the time of the pour, test cylinders on site are poured as well. After the 7-day period, these cylinders are tested to ensure the structure will be able to hold the load required. When the test cylinders meet the necessary requirements, the peri system can be removed from underneath the poured slab.

At the other end of the entrance, carpenters are doing form work for the retaining wall.

The concrete for the first half of the parking deck is scheduled for early next week. Work on the parking deck will continue in July.

The dirt area seen here will eventually be dug out and the soil will be used as back fill for the retaining wall. With the area excavated and graded, crews can begin work on the rest of the garage.

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