Monday, July 13, 2009

Roof Work Contines

Last week, the interior frame work was completed on the roof and the dens glass was installed. Crews working for Oak Roofing and Sheet Metal installed the dens glass and covered it with a polyvinyl reinforced vapor barrier. This barrier prevents water that condensates between the layers from penetrating the walls.

On top of the vapor barrier, three inches of rigid Styrofoam insulation was installed, followed by a layer of asphalt-backed drywall. Finally, the wall was covered by a layer of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). The TPO along the walls overlays on the roofing TPO to prevent leaks.

On the q-deck on the roof, a similar installation occurred. A vapor barrier was installed and a 6-inch Styrofoam insulation was put on top (seen below in pink). The next layer is drywall with an asphalt coating, which is attached to the q-decking underneath using 9-inch screws.

Last week Oak Roofing and Sheet Metal Foreman Willy Hernandez worked with a crew of nine roofers.

With the drywall screwed in place, the TPO can be installed (seen here in white).

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