Monday, July 6, 2009

Concrete Pour at Parking Deck

Laborers and cement finishers working for S&F Concrete poured concrete today for the first section of the parking deck.

Concrete mixers, like the truck seen below, typically carry between 10-14 yards of concrete. Most trucks arriving on site today were carrying 11 yards.

This first section of the parking deck will require approximately 380 yards of concrete.

The parking garage will stretch along the south side of the building, by abutter H&H Builders, to the southwest side at Dorchester Ave. Visitors will enter from Dorchester Ave and drive up a slight ramp onto the top level of the parking deck. Cars will get to the lower level of the deck by using the ramp at the south side. The stairwell connecting the lower level to street level will be heated for de-icing purposes. Plastic tubes will be laid out within the concrete slab that will pump heated antifreeze from the boiler room in the basement of the building.

There will be 95 parking spaces at the Carpenters Center.

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