Thursday, July 9, 2009

Concrete Poured for Pavilion

Before the concrete pour, polyvinyl chloride piping was installed in the slab of the pavilion. This piping is able to be bent and looped as seen here. Much like the stairs in the garage, heated anti-freeze will be pumped through these pipes during the winter months to heat the atrium entrance way.

The pavilion atrium is located halfway between the first and second floor. It is the the main entrance to the building. Upon entering, visitors will check in with the security guard and then take either the stairway up half a level to the second floor, or an elevator up to the second floor or down to the first floor. The floor in this area will be stone tile and the walls on three sides of the atrium will be aluminum framed glass walls.

As with the concrete poured for the first section of the parking garage, test cylinders were made from the concrete poured for the pavilion floor and second floor lobby area. These cylinders will be taken off site to the Universal Testing Services (UTS) lab where they will be put in a press (7 days from the pour and 28 days from the pour). This test ensures that the concrete is cured to the proper design strength. By the 28th day, the concrete should be able to withstand 5,000 pounds of pressure.

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